Beautiful Polished Concrete

For many years carpet, vinyl, ceramic and hardwood flooring have been the most popular choices for office spaces. Now, with polished concrete as an option, you will have a beautiful, easy to maintain floor that can match the decor in any room of your office. Now you see these shiny concrete floors in large retail, grocery and commercial settings where low maintenance, durability and ease of cleaning are a priority.

Save Money with Polished Concrete

There are an overwhelming number of functional and decorative concrete applications to help you with all your Residential, Commercial & Industrial needs such as polishing, grinding, acid staining, overlays, stamping, epoxy coatings, sealers, the list goes on and on. Here at Dayton Concrete Polishing we mainly focus on one thing; concrete polishing and the flooring maintenance dollars you can save.

Environmentally Friendly

Polishing Concrete Floors is the greatest flooring solution when considering the costs of keeping your floors clean, and the right contractor can make those dull gray floors look like a work of art. With benefits like long lasting durability, extremely low maintenance and increased reflectivity, polished concrete is the right choice for any application. Enjoy the many environmentally friendly aspects of your new polished concrete floor.

Shinier, Smoother, Slip resistant

Concrete Polishing contractors often use this to add stylish lines to pool decks and patios when you are looking for something a little different. Concrete Grinding is also used to add interesting aspects to a floor in your office. Concrete grinding which is sometimes referred to cement grinding can even make your concrete and cement floors look like tiled flooring. The biggest difference you’ll notice with Concrete Floor Grinding and polished concrete is that it’s shinier, smoother, slip resistant and much easier to maintain!


Concrete Projects